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About Weduct

An organization with a commitment to high quality and reliable systems. 

WeDuct was formally established in 2020 but has been around since the year 2000. WeDuct is a bespoke company specializing in the manufacturing and design of ducting with particular provision in the air ventilation, heating and air conditioning industry.

Since its inception, WeDuct has undertaken a number of prestigious projects in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial sectors. These include destinations such as The Hyatt Regency Hotel, the Bank of Valletta Head Offices and Saint Vincent De Paul Residence. Our success is strongly built on our strive and emphasis to providing a timely delivery, the quality of our work and our genuine prices.

We pride ourselves in the efficient and effective systems we design and manufacture, holding the needs of our clients at heart

Our in-housefactory

Our state-of-the art factory is home to the latest in CNC cutting machinery in the industry. The premises which house our organisation are solely dedicated to the manufacturing of ducting ventilation systems.

Our friendly and committed staff compliment are dedicated to assist you at every step of the way – from the early design stages till the final finished product whether installed by us or on a ‘supply only basis’.

Our team can offer you an invaluable wealth of experience and professional expertise.  We welcome and work with a variety of clients  – from home and business owners to designers, engineers and architects.

We are ducting specialists

With over 35 years of experience, WeDuct is an unmatched market leader in the ducted HVAC industry. 

Our experienced staff have the skills, experience and specialised machinery to bring to life our client’s dream projects. We seek to understand the requirements of each different client in depth, whilst providing the best advice and technical understanding. We work hand in hand with all those involved to ensure that the product/design as well as project planning and implementation are to our client’s satisfaction. 



Ducting Manufactured In-House

Our state-of-the art factory is equipped with the latest machinery, tools and professionals which enable us to handle a wide array of projects across various industries. 


Our Competitive Prices

Thanks to our efficient practices and professional work, we are able to meet your requirements at incredibly competitive prices – without compromising on the quality of our work. 


Skilled Staff

Our team is made up of skilled and certified professionals offering a comprehensive range of capabilities topped by a uniquely friendly and comfortable approach. 


Cross-Industry Experience

Along the years, we have successfully designed and manufactured hundreds of ducted HVAC systems across a wide variety of environments and industries. We have a unique wealth of expertise.


Tailor Made Systems

Every client has different needs and we understand that. At WeDuct, each system we manufacture and install is designed from scratch to meet the specific needs of individual clients. 


Top-Quality Materials

We have sustained a great relationship with the world’s leading suppliers of ducting materials and HVAC Technology. With our installations, you can put your mind to rest for many years to come. 

Our Prestigious Clients

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We look forward to getting to know about your next dream project. Feel free to ask us for a quote – no strings attached! 

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