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Core Materials

To this day, Ducted air conditioning is one of the most efficient cooling system for businesses, establishments and homes. We are able to achieve an incredible level of versatility thanks to two principal ingredients – Phenolic and Galvanised Steel.

These two strong and durable materials are intrinsically capable of offering a uniquely high performance and ensure a perfect and smooth distribution of air around all your property. Phenolic and Galvanised Steel are the essential components which give us the ability to create ducted HVAC systems of any form and kind.

Owing to both our facilities, as well as our experienced skilled staff, we are able to undertake a vast spectrum of different projects. Using the latest CNC and plasma cutting technology, we can manufacture superior Phenolic of Galvanised steel ducting to provide products of the highest quality.

Phenolic Ducting

Phenolic ducting is a lightweight and exceptionally cost-effective ducting material. It is proven to offer superior insulating efficiency to custom built ducted HVAC solutions. 

The lightweight characteristics of the materials are able to reduce the overall weight of the entire system. The increased insulation ratings require little to no insulation wrappings. Thus Phenolic ducting frees up more space and can be installed in tighter spots and requires less supportive structures.

Galvanised steel Ducting

Galvanized steel ducting is stronger and impressively durable solution. The superior structural characteristics are able to withstand the natural elements and thus make  it ideal for outdoor use.

In comparison to many other alloys Galvanized Steel ducting system a guaranteed long operational with very minimal maintenance and attention. This offers lower maintenance costs in the long run. 



Ducting manufactured in-house

Our state-of-the art factory is equipped with the latest machinery, tools and professionals which enable us to handle a wide array of projects across various industries. 


Our Competitive Prices

Thanks to our efficient practices and professional work, we are able to meet your requirements at incredibly competitive prices – without compromising on the quality of our work. 


Skilled Staff

Our team is made up of skilled and certified professionals offering a comprehensive range of capabilities topped by a uniquely friendly and comfortable approach. 


Cross-Industry Experience

Along the years, we have successfully designed and manufactured hundreds of ducted HVAC systems across a wide variety of environments and industries. We have a unique wealth of expertise.


Tailor Made Systems

Every client has different needs and we understand that. At WeDuct, each system we manufacture and install is designed from scratch to meet the specific needs of individual clients. 


Top-quality materials.

We have sustained a great relationship with the world’s leading suppliers of ducting materials and HVAC Technology. With our installations, you can put your mind to rest for many years to come. 

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